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03-16-2011, 09:08
I have a gen 2.5 G30

I bought it LNIB w/100 rds thru it

I shot it 10 rns w/ win sxz 230 grain personal defense loads

shot 1 round buffalo bore 230 +P and the slide locked back

removed mag and could did not notice anything , reloaded and fired another round. Same thing

still did not see anything, changed mags and ammo and still the slide locked back everytime fired, even locked back each time manually cycling with no mag inserted

went home and saw the slide release was real loose and going in the up postion, took apart and removed the slide release and looked normal so I reinstalled it and now looks fine as I have not shot it but will manually cycle fine

what would cause the spring to jump out of place

ordered a new one just to make sure as this is my carry weapon


03-16-2011, 11:25
The clue was LNIB meaning used and your description of the slide release being loose probably means the previous owner didn't reinstall the pins in the proper order. Properly installed the slide release spring can not jump out of place.