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03-16-2011, 17:19
Local pawn shop had a never fired 1911 which was of interest. Didn't have my phone or camera to take pics, but hopefully this thread won't be useless.... :whistling:

Kase Reeder. Shop said out of Arizona? Government, two uppers, 45acp and 10mm. Black slide. No fs checkering or undercut trigger guard. Single sided safety, no magwell but checkered backstrap. Black flat grips engraved with builder's name in cursive. Non-adjustable rear sight with black post front. Slide to frame was nice but it had a little lateral play. Trigger had zero creep and felt about 4.5 pounds according to my unscientific trigger finger.

Claimed retail of about $1800. Pawn shop priced it at $1599.

03-16-2011, 18:06
Was it any of these?


03-16-2011, 18:15
Just found their newly placed ad: http://listings.zidaho.com/ZIdaho%20Classifieds/6238159/clicknbuy.aspx?networkview=False&catid=OO46h&pcatid=OO46&procid=4f4a345a-884d-44fe-bb8e-3a61ff92d1c0

Rear sight notch was narrow!