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03-16-2011, 21:23
let me set the scene: a minor is home alone hears someone breaking into the house he/her see's that the person is armed and shoot's out of self defense. would there be any legal issues?

Mas Ayoob
03-17-2011, 00:43
When an unsupervised minor does bad or stupid things with a gun, the adult who left it accessible is facing some serious penalties. When an unsupervised minor uses a gun to prevent bad things, everything I've personally seen tells me that all the good guys come out OK. I studied an Indiana case in which an 11 year old boy shot and killed an intruder menacing a loved one. Anti-gunners called on the district attorney to prosecute the adults in the household for leaving a loaded gun where the boy could kill a human being with it.

The DA more or less told them to go pound sand, and cleared both kid and family.

YMMV, however.

03-17-2011, 06:40