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03-17-2011, 06:36
I have a bushmaster varmitor and been thinking about changing the heavy forestock for possibly a carbon one. Rifle will be used for coyote hunting and range use mainly. Thinking if lighter would help carrying in the woods and if lighter my wife & kids could use easier. I saw some clips of 3gun and those stocks are kinda what I'm thinking. Also poss home defense. Any suggestions or recommendations? Not looking to spend a lot either so don't need a crazy tricked out 3gun pro series or something. Please include a link where I can order one. Also what is envoled to install one?

03-20-2011, 22:09
DPMS sells some plain carbon tubes along with Clark, the DPMS are cheaper.
Need a receiver jig, vise, torque wrench, barrel nut tool, tools to take the sight and gas block off and reinstall.
The tube barrel nut screws on tighten to 38lbs min then to align the next hole, glue the tube on and reinstall the gas block and muzzle device.