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03-20-2011, 11:10
Picked up a model 66, only thing a little messed up is the front sight - it had been painted white by the previous owner who had failing eyesight (So it's just not me) :)
I got the paint off but looking closely it seems to be a coating of plastic molded onto the relief in the sight area and not an insert, do any of you wheel gun Guy's know what the scoop is.
Would like to change it and the color really.


1 old 0311
03-20-2011, 15:51
Never seen that happen. :wow:

03-21-2011, 16:35
The front sight insert is just exactly that. A piece of plastic inserted, probably glued, in the front sight. S&W might have reaplacements. I like the orange myself. Leave it alone. Shoot it! :wavey:

FN in MT
04-06-2011, 21:02
The standard for that gun red ramp front sight insert. It is buggered up a bit, some judicious work with some abrasive paper on a straight edge should take that burr off.

S&W can also re do the frt sight, but with shipping back and forth...not cheap.

A good gunsmith could easily fix it.

FN in MT

04-06-2011, 23:24
Another option is to check with local gunsmiths...it is not uncommon a technique for them to mix a magic potion of some sort that they use to fill in the dovetail area on the front site so that you have a new insert. They will then clean it up and have it good as new. Another benefit is that you will have the color you want.

Do I know what the stuff is that they use...nope, but it was an option I was considering for my 642 before I traded it, so I know it can be done.