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03-23-2011, 09:56
I'm itching to use my GSSF discount to buy a new Glock, but I'm having trouble deciding between a G27, G23, or G30SF. I was just wondering which one is your favorite? :supergrin:

Mas Ayoob
03-23-2011, 17:43
Totally individual, Gus. For me personally, of the three you mentioned, it's the G30. But there are countless reasons why what's the best for the needs of one of us might not be the best for the needs of the other.

Good luck in your choice!


03-23-2011, 18:17
Thanks Mas, I have been leaning towards the G30; I really like the 45 round. I was just considering the forties, because I already have extra G22 mags, and holsters that will fit the G27 & G23. I guess getting a 45 would give me a good excuse to purchase a new Ayoob Rear Guard holster for the G30:supergrin:. By the way, I was just wondering which 45 load you favor, or has the best street record?


Mas Ayoob
03-23-2011, 18:57
There's lots of good .45 ACP ammo these days. Federal HST and Winchester Ranger-T seem to be neck and neck from what I can see. Lately, my G30 has been loaded with standard pressure 230 grain Ranger-T.