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old wanderer
03-24-2011, 14:22
I have an older Colt lower that was reworked for my 20" HB upper. We modified the trigger so it is a great feel for that heavier gun...(about a 2-3# pull). I have never had a AD with this gun.

I put a tactical upper on this lower. Thinking about how different you handle a gun in a tactical sitation vs hunting/varmit shooting, is this trigger going to be a problem?

03-24-2011, 23:42
IMO a 2lb single stage trigger will get you in trouble with unwanted doubling from recoil and if the sears are so short or the angles changed it could slip off the sear edge causing a mechanical malfunction.
Bill Springfield makes good safe triggers or will do a trigger job for about $45.
Your trigger could be fine but be careful with it until you are sure it is.