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03-27-2011, 14:59
I used my ProChrono for the first time today and it works great.:cool: It was set up at 10ft. I was disappointed with my handloads though. Corbon calls for 8.3gr of unique with wsp for a 155gr xtp at 1300fps.(max load) To my disappointment my readings were a steady 1150 fps with unique and around 50 fps higher with universals max load. Fired brass and primers looked good. What would bring velocities up while staying safe? I'm using a 4.5" 400 cor bon barrel so maybe I'm using a shorter barrel than they test with. But 150fps difference? Before I bump the charge up a .2 gr or so I plan on using a tighter crimp and a stronger recoil spring(using a factory 18# g30). Any other ideas? One more factor could be that my barrels chamber is oversized to where I have .020 headspace from shoulder to breechface when using new 400 cor bon starline brass. Not a problem when I form 45+p brass to 400 corbon. Thanks.