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Montana Rawhide
03-28-2011, 18:55
Hey all,
Glade to be here on GT, I find it a very useful site.
I got the better half a 26 a few weeks back and the other day was her
1st time out with it. ( She also has a 17 that she's had about 2 years.)
Anyway, to get to the point, she was shooting 115 FMJ's and was having
a real issue with it failing to feed and jamming up. One, two, sometimes three times a clip. Using 3 clips. She's never had that come up with her
17 at all with the same ammo. I shot it last week, about 80 rds and no problems at all. ( I clean throughly after every outing.) I then loaded the 3 clips and shot it myself with no hangups at all. Loaded the clips again and shot them left handed, just for something different, I'm a right hand shooter. I then let her shoot my 27. Again with 3 clips, each loaded with 165 grain FMJ's, and she had no issues at all. I loaded one clip for her 26 and had her shoot it. Sure enough, she had 2 fail to feeds. The only explanation I have is the "Limp Wristing" effect. Am I on the correct track?
Would a heavier bullet,(124gr.) help? What about +P ? And of course, her grip and form and etc. need to be worked on I'm sure. Any comments?

03-28-2011, 23:28
Move your load up to 124 or 147 and see if that dosent fix the issue

Montana Rawhide
03-30-2011, 18:57
Yep, all set to give that a try this weekend. Thanks!