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03-28-2011, 19:36
I have a 3rd gen Glock 22, and a few weeks ago I picked up a spare mag for it at a gun show, and later realized it was a gen 4 mag since it has mag release cut outs on both sides. I understood that it would work in my gun, but that doesn't seem to be the case with this one. It hasn't hung up on the first round into battery, but midway through the magazine it will get a cartridge started into the barrel, but the bullet hangs up on the top of the chamber I am guessing, because I cannot bump the slide and get it to chamber, I have to drop the mag and work the slide once or twice to eject the cartridge. I can then put the same cartridge back into the mag and it will feeds and fires fine. Anyway this happens just about every time I use this magazine, and sometimes has multiple hang ups per magazine. I have tried to get the base pad off the magazine, but its giving me fits. Do I have a defective magazine? It looks as identicle to my gen 3s as I can tell other than the additional cutout. This gun has had zero malfunctions (around 2500 rounds total) up until this magazine came along.

03-28-2011, 23:17
Its hard to believe the mag is causing this issue. I would be quick to blame the cartridge OAL but you did not state if it is a factory round or a reload.
Either way, the mag is failing in your opinion so it is no big deal to get rid of it

03-29-2011, 16:11
Thanks, I'm pretty sure its the magazine, because all my other magazines work fine, just thought it was weird for a real glock magazine to be defective. They were reloads I was shooting, but they have always fed fine before. Also, I have another question if you don't mind. I let my little sister shoot the same gun the other day, and on one round she fired it didn't eject the brass, didnt even reset the trigger, was like she dry fired it with an empty brass in the chamber, I cleared it and checked it out and fired it myself and no more hangups at all, so I am guessing it was a severe case of limp wristing that caused that hangup, what is your opinion? She is about 80 pounds and had never shot a handgun before, but it never did it again with her shooting it. They were reloads. I was worried that I had accidently loaded a squib, but it made it out of the barrel, the "bang" was about the same volume and I double check everything I load to make sure every single case has powder and is not double charged.

Thanks again

03-31-2011, 20:19
From what you have described, I would say it was a limp wrist situation. You would know more if you could duplicate the situation but because you cant you have to go on your best guess-ta-mat

BTW: A good way to avoid "double charge" is to use a powder that fills the case at least 60%. This way you can run in a progressive press and be assured all is well with every load. If it did somehow accidentally double charge any cartridge the powder would spill out of the cartridge and you would be sure to notice it at the bullet seating station. Fail safe by a fault, its hard to beat this age old tip.

03-31-2011, 21:13
Thanks for the info. I am currently using W231 and it fills the case pretty good, and using a Lee single stage press so its easy to check the whole batch for powder mistakes when they are all sitting in the loading block.

I went to the range today, shot 200 rounds with 4 magazines that have never given me any trouble, and it still did the same failure to feed with them. Had about 7 or 8 failures to feed out of the 200 rounds I shot. It gets the cartridge angled, bullet looks like its trying to slide into the chamber, while the head is trying to get on the slide, but I can't bump the slide and get it to chamber, I have to pull the slide back some and then try and rechamber it, sometimes a few times to finally get it, and sometimes still have to bump the slide.

Since it malfunctioned with my good magazines I am wondering if it was not a magazine issue like I initially thought. I usually shoot Rainier 165gr. truncated cones through it, but got a deal on 135gr TCs the last time I ordered, and didn't adjust the seating die from the 165s because they still looked alright to visually inspect. If I remember correctly they are seated to 1.130" COL. They all fit in a magazine fine, so I thought I was good to go. I might double check my manual and see the suggested COL for the lighter bullets. I need to made sure it is the ammo I have been feeding it so I guess I will get some factory ammo and see if my reliability picks up.

EDIT: almost forgot to mention I stripped frame and slide completely apart, cleaned the entire thing inside and out and lubed the slide rails and connector before todays outing, just to make sure I was starting with a clean gun

03-31-2011, 21:44
One of the issues at hand are you automatically assume the load is good to go because it also functions flawless in your 1911. Build the load for your Glock and be done with it

04-02-2011, 10:22
I think you got my thread and anothers thread confused, because I never mentioned anything about a 1911, because I don't have one. However, I will try some factory ammo and if all checks out I will look to my reloads as the source of the problem.

04-03-2011, 21:03
Yep, I got a couple posts mixed up. Sorry