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03-28-2011, 20:33
Gentlemen, and ladies,;
Went to a training class last weekend and ran into a new problem with my Glock 30. Actually the fist problem it has ever had of any kind. Seven rounds out of 350 fired struck the primer but failed to discharge the round. Strike was slightly off center but not much. Bought the gun used but have had it for several years with no problems at all. My guess is that it would have had about 3000 rounds through it. Took it apart, removed striker, it was a little dirty, cleaned it, put it back dry. It sounds like the striker is moving freely. Did not seem to make a difference.
replaced the striker spring, did not seem to make a difference. with hindsight i am wondering if it was failing to go completely into battery. i did not think to check the problem while on the range, simply tapped, racked and went on. Did not attempt to refire any of the rounds but i think they will fire. Modifications to the gun are new sights, extended slide release, extended mag release and extended take down lever. all of them since my previous big range day. The only one of those i can imagine causing a problem might be the extended slide release.

any insight would be appreciated.

03-28-2011, 22:59
With the slide removed, depress the firing pin safety and shake the slide and the striker should rattle. Off center firing pin marks are usually a sign the gun is firing out of battery. With an empty gun (PC disclaimer) pull the trigger, point the muzzle straight up, pull back the slide and slowly let it close, should close all the way. Release trigger and pull, barrel should not drop out of battery. If not replace recoil spring.

I am not a fan of the extended slide release because I have pushed it up during recoil (shoot high thumbs). Unless you are disassembling the gun frequently then the extended takedown lever can chew up the weak hand thumb during recoil (been there down that & went back to factory). And I have known to disassemble the gun half a dozen times a day trying a different polish on the connector or trigger bar or a different recoil spring or guide rod.

03-29-2011, 06:24
Check the firing pin safety. See if there are any marks on it. My G30 would occasionally misfire with Winchester ammo. Turns out my striker was just skipping off the firing pin safety. I replaced my trigger bar with a -1 (for a G21 since I wanted a smooth trigger anyway) and added a Wolf extra power striker spring. Haven't had a misfire since.

03-29-2011, 13:55
Double post.

03-29-2011, 14:00
Check for crud at the front of the firing pin channel. It can build up over time. Especially if lube was used in the channel in the past (previous owner).

03-29-2011, 14:00
Don't be shy about buying some snap caps to see if your changes make a difference on the bench, rather than waiting for range time.

03-29-2011, 17:19
You conveniently left out the ammo variety. Could be hard primers.

I've had problems with surplus military ammo in the past with light primer strikes, and hard primers. poor ammo= poor reliability
Some ammo is not good for Glock, better with a hammer struck firing pin. These same ammo worked better in my other guns.

My suggestions:
Use fair to good quality ammo
Replace striker spring with a Wolf Xtra power spring for good measure.

off center dimples mean nothing, unless they are extremely off center. Not all firing pins will put the dimple in the exact center.

03-29-2011, 19:45
Any crud on the outside of the barrel which would cause the Glock to fire slightly out of battery?

03-30-2011, 14:25
Thanks for the quick and i suspect helpful responses.

I did leave out ammo, all hard ball at least three probably four different types, including blaser, remington, and pmc. doubt that was the problem.

will check again for crud on striker. striker moved freely and rattled at field strip level. been thinking of going back stock on slide release. was just being lazy wanting to slap it closed rather than doing it right with full rack.

am suspecting that it may have been a bit out of battery, will replace recoil spring if one more cleaning don't help.

03-30-2011, 14:29
Make sure you get the groove just beneath the front part of the barrel hood. Some crud in there can cause a slight OOB.

Please let us know the outcome.

03-30-2011, 18:25
Problem was not there prior to your class?
Check your combat grip too.

If you are gripping the gun high under performance stress, your thumb(s) might be riding or contacting the slide on recoil, and inducing failure.

Yes i agree to get rid of the extended release.

03-30-2011, 19:23
Another thought: you mentioned that you replaced the slide lock. Are you sure you used the correct replacement slide lock? The little ridge on the slide lock that secures the barrel, the piece that needs to be "up and to the rear", if that is installed incorrectly or is the wrong piece it can cause problems, one of which is not sloping the gun to go into full battery.