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03-29-2011, 16:05
FIREARM: STOCK OEM new Gen 3 G23; 460 rounds; no malfunctions of any kind

During a reloading session today, I needed to fire the primer in an UNLOADED case (.40 S&W) -- no powder, no bullet just a live primer.

I took an empty G23 magazine, loaded the (empty) cartridge into the mag, inserted magazine, released the slide and eased the case into the chamber. Without a bullet to guide the case, normal slingshotting of the slide wouldn't have worked. Then I fired the "blank" cartridge. The case didn't eject (of course).

PROBLEM: Now I can't manually work the slide to eject the case; slide is jammed. I CAN field strip the piece EXCEPT I can't remove the barrel. What do I do?

I'm wondering if the under-powered discharge might have resulted in a stuck firing pin which is holding the case in the chamber and freezing the slide. However, I am able to move the striker rearward using my thumb, and that doesn't solve the problem.

Well, before I attempt a detailed disassembly of the slide, I thought I'd seek the hive's input. Only my senior years impart that self-control vs getting a crowbar and a neighbor's trailer hitch. :dunno:

Any advice appreciated.

03-29-2011, 17:08
You know that shooting reloads is not a supported function for Glock pistols.

I dont understand that sentence about how you can move the striker with your thumb.

I am assuming the trigger is now uncocked (loose and back). When you shake the gun, can you hear the striker tinkle-- if so, it is not stuck.
In this case, If it were mine, i would rest the slide (or sights if they are steel) on a non-scratching surface (like a trailer hitch-- not..:cool:) and push hard. Or take a plastic mallet and see if you can knock it back.

03-29-2011, 18:50
Cap'n: I'm assuming when you say that "you can move the striker rearward" you mean that first you depress the firing pin safety and then you can manually move the firing pin towards the rear of the slide by using your thumb to pull back on the firing pin lug?

If this is what you are doing, just please make sure that you are not releasing that firing pin and letting it slam back into the firing pin safety. This will cause more damage.

When field stripped, are you able to feel any movement of the barrel?

03-30-2011, 08:02
Amazing what a simple night's sleep will do for you.

Woke this morning realizing I was thinking in 1911 terms. This is my first Glock, so that's my excuse. :whistling:

Solution to the problem was a simple, light tap on the barrel hood (top of chamber) using a rubber mallet. This started the barrel onto its drop/eject path, and from there I was able to pull the slide back manually and eject the spent case.

Examination of the case showed the primer had backed out exerting pressure against the breech face. That jamming pressure and my arthritic thumbs (:whistling:) prevented removing the barrel during yesterday's field stripping.


Feel better. :embarassed:

03-30-2011, 13:19
Thanks for posting your resolution. Glad it worked out.

03-30-2011, 16:57
Another method is to place the slide area above the barrel on a covered surface and push hard. Make sure the mag is removed.

03-30-2011, 18:21
...1911....? you mean those things you can't slam the slide on an empty chamber for fear of damaging the sear? Or need to be gentle reassembling to avoid the idiot scratch?

No need to be gentle here, itsa Glock! A 3 ft. toss onto the concrete garage floor woulda worked too!:whistling: May leave a mark on the garage floor though.... happy endings to all.