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03-30-2011, 21:01
Few people know about the 80 gr 9mm offering, as loaded with the street proven Barnes TAC-XP bullet.

9mm 80gr. Barnes TAC-XP Lead Free 50rds

This load is an excellent choice for home defense or CCW where limited penetration is needed. You will get excellent stopping power with less chance of overpenetration.

Caliber : 9mm

Bullet : 80gr Barnes TAC-XP Lead Free

Ballistics : 80gr @ 1560fps / 433ft. lbs. from a G17.
Ruger SR9C 3.5" velocity - 1400fps.

The new 38+P Barnes load looks promising as well.

38 Special+P 110gr Barnes TACXP Lead Free 50rds.

For those of you who carry a 38 Special, this is an excellent defensive load.
In 10% ordinance gelatin with 4 layers of denim and two of light cotton:
13.25" penetration
.57" expansion

Velocity: 1250fps / 4" Ruger GP-100
1.875" bbl S&W - 1125fps
Bullet: Barnes 110gr. TACXP Lead Free

Muzzle Energy: 382 ft. lbs. 4"
305 ft. lbs. 1.875"

The 38+P cartridge is longer than the Double Tap and other 38+P loads, but not by much.

Easily fits in my LCR's chambers with plenty of clearance.
Barnes bullets have been street proven for years in loads like the CB DPX and others.

Double Tap's enhanced velocity and superb quality control and acurracy should make them equal or even better for
your defensive duties.

I hope to be shooting/testing this stuff and other ammo through my new LC9 (I mean my wife's new LC9) and LCR 38+P next week or so.

More pics and info: DOUBLE TAP pictures by czrami - Photobucket (

Doubletapammo Shop (

04-02-2011, 07:09
Thanks for the info!

Pecos Bill
04-09-2011, 06:34
I've been reading up on some non lead hunting rounds that fragment. Do you know if this is a fragmentation round?
80 gr. Well, that would make carrying lighter but I would be afraid of not getting through obstacles to get to the target. Have you seen ballistics gel tests? How about with 5 or 6 layers of denum?
Interesting concept. Must be something to it, looks like Double Tap put a lot of work into developing this product. I know some people want to get away from lead.

04-18-2011, 10:38
I don't know about fragmenting.

Double Tap lists the 80 gr, TAC-XP , load for limited penetration.

"This load is an excellent choice for home defense or CCW where limited penetration is needed. You will get excellent stopping power with less chance of overpenetration. "
I'm under the notion that the Barnes solid copper bullets mushroom every time.

They must work or else people wouldn't buy DPX or any other Barnes product.

DT also offers smoking hot 115 gr. TAC-XP.
That's what my home defense CZ P-01 is loaded with.

For penetration concerns, wanting something deep driving..there are always the
147 gr. loads from DT and other sources.
I've never been impressed with 147 gr shooting reports or actual media tests.

Seems like the old designs were too slow and failed to wound or expand
with satisfactory results.

New designs like the Ranger and others are better.

Now that PRo Load is out of business or hard to locate..

I'll only buy/ carry the Double Tap in 147 due to the enhanced velocity.

Just like choosing a gun, we all make ammo choices, good or bad.

I also like the Hornady FTX concept, if even they are a bit underpowered for some in 9mm.

Something that expands everytime in all medias, is noteworthy, but DPX and
other Barnes loads have a good track record on the street and in the fields.

However- I'm not sure what bullet the DPX line uses, just that it works wonderfully and has a legion of fans that will buy/trust nothing else.,

05-06-2011, 20:12
DT ammo is outstanding.