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Hoosier Glocker
03-31-2011, 13:30
I picked this up last week and took it to the range for the first time yesterday. I cleaned and lubed the gun before firing it. I fired 100 rounds of WWB 230gr FMJ through it, and the results were a little disappointing.

First, the ACT mag that came with the gun will not chamber the first round if fully loaded - the first round nose dives into the feedramp. Loading it with 7 rounds corrects this problem though. Next, I had about 5 stovepipes and several rounds ejected the brass straight back at my face. This happened using the ACT mag and 2 Colt 7 round mags.

Anyone have any ideas that would be cheap fixes? Would changing the recoil spring weight help? Different magazines? I really don't want to send it in for repair if I don't have to.

03-31-2011, 14:16
Sounds like mag and extractor problem. Try a quality mag and check tension is the first thing I would do.