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03-31-2011, 14:19
Ok so Im new to glocks and in semi-autos in general and I was putting regular whinchester ammo at the range and a shell casing got stuck in the slide. So I took out the magazine and racked the slide and it fell out. So im wondering what kind of a jam this is called? What could of caused it? and I know these next two questions are really stupid but I wanna be safe then sorry. Is it safe to shoot still? If i carry with one in the chamber is it randomly gunna go off? Thanks for the help also I had cleaned the gun yesterday put some solvents and some oil on it so idk if thats why.

03-31-2011, 21:02
My guess is you are shooting a 9mm?
If so, I also guess you are shooting Winchester White Box (WWB) 115 gr ammo?
The failure you had is called a Failure To Eject (FTE). BTW: You cleared it correctly. Drop the mag and cycle the slide.
It is still safe to shoot. Switch to 124 gr or 147 gr and you should never see a FTE again.
If you still want to shoot WWB 115 you need more practice so you dont accidently limp wrist or change the recoil spring to 11 lbs. See the stuff here

04-01-2011, 13:52
Thanks for the help and I was shooting a G23 with winchester 180gr. Yea I figured that was probably the problem was limp wristing I will have to work more how I shoot. Thanks for the help again I appreciate it.

04-01-2011, 20:18
WOW, My guess was a 9mm. If the FTE is happening with a 40.... especially 180 gr loads... I recommend you get an experienced Glock shooter to watch you shoot. You may be limp-wristing yourself into trouble.

04-02-2011, 17:19
Yea I think it was limp wristing. Ive started to adjust how I shoot and I am holding it more firmly. If it happens again I'll take your advice and get some help. Thank ya very much.