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03-31-2011, 18:53
Is there anything i can do to upgrade the front sight? i love XS sights, but it would require gunsmithing to affix on this model. Anyone have thoughts, ideas? I'm a police officer and am mainly using this gun for a vest back-up and am mostly concerned with fast target acquisition

03-31-2011, 19:56
So what if it requires gunsmithing? XS will install a Big Dot for $60, you can't beat it.

04-01-2011, 09:26
ya was debating just having them do it, i am a leo so the sight would only be $30, be nice if the install was half off too, they said it would be around $80 for the gunsmithing. was just wondering if there were any other options

04-01-2011, 22:25
I have one on my LCR and it's worth every penny.

04-01-2011, 23:18
Tool Tech (I believe that's the name) is the company that does the night sight installations for Trijicon. I believe they can install a tritium insert in the factory front sight, but I don't know how much that costs.

I've thought about getting the XS sight on my 642, but I pocket carry it from time to time and I'm concerned about that high profile sight snagging during the draw.

I think Gemini Custom has some front sight options you might be interested in. They're known for their work on Ruger revolvers, but I'm pretty sure they work on S&W revolvers, too.

If I were installing a night sight on my gun, I'd prefer a dovetailed sight to make replacement easier when the tritium starts fading.

Another option would be to paint the front sight, though I have no experience with that (at least not yet...something else I'm considering).

04-01-2011, 23:24
Tool Tech is pricey compared to the XS. Agree on the dovetail, but mine is pinned on and should be simple to swap for a new one in 8-10 years.

04-03-2011, 09:38
ya the 637 doesn't have the pin, permanent fixed :(