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04-01-2011, 17:33
i have always shot 115 gr. wwb ammo from wally world , never had a problem. browning hi power, kel tec, g 19. all org. why are these people having problems with ftf, fte. my question, i have a g22 with a new lwd 9mm conv. bbl. do i need to go to a 11lb. spring ? i have not shot this conversion combo yet. thanks jr

04-01-2011, 20:22
The 115 ammo issue affects about 1% of the conversion users. The only way to know if your gun has an issue is to try the load. If it has a problem, drop the recoil spring weight down to 11lbs

04-01-2011, 20:45
thanks, that was what i was thinking.