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04-01-2011, 17:57
any other options. Maybe it gets better as I have only shot a couple mags through my gun. These things don't seat well. They just overall seem kind of jicky if you know what I mean.

Prior to this owned several mark I's and II's and loved them. But wanted a ruger for a suppresor platform so purchased a threaded 22/45. Hate the mags. Suggestions?

04-01-2011, 23:31
I noticed that too on my new(Jan '11) MkIII 22/45. I just slam them in and then stick my fingernail in the gap in front and try to pull out. After slamming them in a few times, you'll learn pretty much the force required to get it seated good.

04-02-2011, 00:25
You might wanna try the hammer bushing mod. It disables the mag safety in the gun. I noticed after doing it the mags eject now instead of having to be pried out of the gun. Also some of my mags seem to go in a bit smoother. Its still not the easiest thing to get them inserted but its better then it was at least on mine.

Jason D
04-02-2011, 17:34
When you insert the magazine into the well, just about at full seat the magazine hits the magazine disconnect. Not only does it made it harder to seat the magazine, but also harder to eject the magazine when it has rounds in it.

Replacing the MKIII hammer bushing with a MKII bushing gets rid of the whole magazine disconnect. Therefore a magazine will slip into and out of the gun much easier. It is a worthwhile modification.

A couple things to note.

Doing this mod will make it so the gun can fire without a magazine.
It will also eliminate the need for a magazine in the gun for disassembly and reassembly.

04-02-2011, 17:50
where would a guy find instructions for this mod? and or parts?

Jason D
04-02-2011, 18:33
They are all over the internet.
There should be some vids on youtube.

These are some of the better sites for it, but mostly cover the MKIII pistol.
The good news is that the .22/45 share a lot of the same parts. The bad news is that my .22/45 is still stock and I haven't shot it in a long time.

When you knock the upper off the gun, re insert the magazine.
Notice the magazine disconnect rubbing on the magazine.

What you need to do is remove the hammer pin. The hammer, MKIII hammer bushing, magazine disconnect, and magazine disconnect spring will come right out. You would want to remove the b the bushing from the hammer. The disconnect and spring would come off with it.

You will need a MKII bushing of some kind.. Now these can be purchased from several places. I got mine (Volquartsen MKII bushing) from Majestic Arms makes one call their 3.2 bushing, and Clark Custom guns makes what many consider the best.

You would install the MKII bushing back into the hammer, the hammer back into the gun, the hammer bushing pin back into the gun, and you would be done.

Jason D
04-02-2011, 18:36
Pay particular attention to the trigger bar, and the sear position.
You don't have to take the sear pin out, but the trigger bar does connect to the hammer bushing and is pinned in place with the hammer bushing pin.

You can rotate the sear forward, and hold it in place with the trigger bar.

04-04-2011, 00:02
I would suggest the Clark bushing and sear pin kit, CLK-517 IIRC. Mention RFC/rimfirecentral for a small discount.

Not sure if he is still making them, but the teach tech guy was making extended base pads for 22/45 mags.