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04-02-2011, 23:15
could use some advice from the collective...

I bought a G19 gen3 used in a private sale. Of course the seller said it was like new, etc. And it does look new, very little wear in the usual points.

This gun stovepipe FTEs almost every 20 rounds or so. I replaced the recoil spring with a new one from Brownells. No help there. I am shooting BVAC ammo, which are factory reloads that my G19 gen 2 pistol has never had an issue with.

What to do next? The extractor looks ok, no obvious problems. Should I send it in to Glock? May try to get the seller to take it back and call it a day. I have no faith in this gun for carry at this point.

04-03-2011, 21:13
Make sure it is lubed and shoot some hotter stuff in it. Eventually it will break in and you can try the problem ammo again