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04-07-2011, 08:04
Hey JR, I enjoy reading your opinions. Recently acquired a '01 G20. I'm looking at moving out to the edge of published powder manufacturer data while using a stock barrel. No nuclear stuff here. I'm ordering LW stainless guide and wanted a spring recomendation. Is 20 enough? Tryin to get most out of stock- so I can add the 9x25 and all that entails. Many thanx

04-15-2011, 18:06
Watch the ejection pattern of your ejected brass. If it is flying out there 10 feet or so, increase the recoil spring weight. If it is rolling off your knuckles, reduce it. Ideally, you are looking for it to land 2 to 4 feet away.
BTW: Most my 9x25 loads run excellent on the factory (17lb) spring weight.