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04-08-2011, 19:38
My only problem with my G34 conversion barrel in my G22 is that the ejected brass is coming out low and slow. Some lands a couple feet away at about 4:00 and the rest bounce off my knuckles, hat, glasses, elbow, etc.

I'm considering installing a 9mm ejector, but have "heard" that the angle of the ejector might cause it to hit a primer if I racked the slide back hard on a live .40 round.

Has anyone ever heard of such an "open breech accidental discharge" or have any experience with how a 9mm ejector affects a spent .40 round?
(Assuming we're talking about using the appropriate barrel for each round)

vaquero aleman
04-10-2011, 20:43
I don't know about that but I just put about 150 rounds through my new 23 and quite a few of the cases landed on my head, arms and the back of my neck. You don't realize just how hot the brass comes out until it touches sensitive skin!

04-13-2011, 09:48
How are you shooting, vaquero? Behind-your-head-with-a-mirror trick shots, or gangsta style so the brass ejects straight up? :tongueout:

Seriously, though, that's one reason I always wear a baseball cap pulled low over my glasses. I figure no-harm no-foul as long as they don't raise welts, but I'd hate to catch a hot one behind my glasses!

You might need one of those hats with a 360 brim. (On second thought, that hat in your avatar ought to work.)

04-14-2011, 15:19

Got some pretty good discussion on this thread over on General Glocking.

04-14-2011, 15:25
Considering that our system of math is based on 10, it is only logical that our weapons should be based on 10.

10 Glocks? or 10mm? 10 shots? (NY rule) 10 feet? Tennifer finish??