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04-09-2011, 06:02
Over on GG forum, someone's all hot for a Glock .380 which are not imported for civilian use.

1. If the guns are the same, can't you shoot 380 (or 9x17) in a 9mm barrel?

2. Or if not - Does anyone make a .380 conversion for either the 19/23 or the 26/27 platform?

Comment: If the 9mm barrel is somehow WRONG for a .380, wouldn't Lone Wolf (for example) rework a barrel to fit? (Or is it a case of "You can take away, but you can't put back"?)

04-15-2011, 20:30
Yes you can shoot a .380 out of your Glock 9mm. It will fail to extract and/or fail to eject. Its great for practicing malfunction drills.
The barrel, slide & magazine of the .380 pistols is completely different. There is no easy way to convert a standard 9 down to a .380