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Pecos Bill
04-09-2011, 06:49
I just bought one. Why? Because it felt really good in the hand. I do like the feel and it seems tight. Have not shot it yet. :cool:

Love my Glock but this feels like it will be fun to shoot.!

04-25-2011, 13:28
You have 2 great guns now. and either one will keep you safe.

04-25-2011, 13:45
My first gun was a P95DC and I loved it. Very well-made and extremely reliable. It ingested everything I fed it without any hiccups. Congrats.

Pecos Bill
04-25-2011, 22:14
Went to the indoor range Saturday and had some fun. 100 rounds WWB through the P95 and it just got anoying. bang bang bang nothing to do, no jams no misfires no nothing just that anoying noise!! LOL:whistling:

450 rounds total. With ear plugs and my ear muffs it was still noisy. The P95 is loud, the G36 is really loud, only went through 50 rounds out of that. The .357 was really really loud. Then I went over to shoot some moving ducks with the Buck Mark .22 Even that was loud. Gonna have to go with the 33db reduction plugs next time. Indoor is nice but man, it gets really loud. A guy was shooting a short .380 and that thing was really anoyingly loud.

Bad day at the range beats out almost anything else. Almost anything!:embarassed: