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04-12-2011, 18:14
I have a G20SF in 10mm. This is my first and only Glock. I have tried half a dozen different factory loads and the accuracy is... how shall I say...less than great.

I'm thinking about putting in a new KKM barrel and see how that goes. What are resonable expectations for an improvement in accuracy?

Also are the KKM drop in barrels really "drop in" ?


04-15-2011, 20:57
What group size are you currently shooting? If your getting 6 inches from a stock gun an aftermarket barrel will not magically reduce them to 2 inches.
Do you have the ability to shoot a one inch group out of any handgun. If you have the ability you will indeed see an improvement but it will be relative to what the gun currently produces.
I recommend lots of dry fire practice, tune the trigger for a crisp break and give the factory barrel another chance. If your group improved but not to your satisfaction THEN pursue an aftermarket barrel.
BTW: KKM offers both a drop in and gunsmith fit barrels.