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04-16-2011, 14:16
What type of trigger pull will I be looking at if I install the 3.5# connector and NY1 spring? How many Lbs. will the trigger pull be after upgrading parts? I like the stock trigger pull but I think it's too light and the NY1 spring alone is too heavy. Will the 3.5# connector and NY1 spring be somewhere in the middle?

04-16-2011, 23:08
Yes you can mix the 3.5 or the 5 lb connectors with the NY1 @ 5lbs (olive) or NY2 @ 8 lbs (orange). Theoretically speaking the NY1 and a 3.5 will deliver about a 5lb double action pull.
The truth is, you can own all the different trigger components and try every trigger possible for less than $50. I say, have at it! How do you know what you will like until you actually try it yourself?