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04-19-2011, 00:13
A few months ago, I was researching a laser for my G22. I have a light on it so I needed a frame mounted one. I'd heard about the CT grip mounted lasers. A guy at work told me that the Lasermax Saber was higher up and more in line with the barrel compared to the Crimson Trace. So I went with the Lazermax Saber. The beam is real close to the barrel which is good. But it sits right next to the slide and that made it hard to rack the slide. I started looking to see if there was a fix for this. Discovered a thing called a Glock Charging Handle. You replace the back plate on the slide, install this and you can put the little handle on either side. It just arrived in the mail and installed it today. The handle doesn't stick out too far but I will have to take a little piece out of the plastic on my comp tac holster. It seems to work really good, no slipping off the slide any more. Looks a little silly but I like function over fashion any day. So for any problem with being able to grip the slide, this works pretty slick.

04-22-2011, 00:42

My G22 has been completely stock for the past 10 years until now.
Now all I need is some good night sights. And another Glock of course, hehe.

04-22-2011, 00:51
Your laser looks like it would defiantly make racking a pain in the butt. That charging handle an interesting idea, but with it on the left side carrying would suck if your right handed. You should think about front cocking serrations. Less clutter, and more options for carry,...

04-22-2011, 00:53
Interesting... Yeah I don't get how you would carry that though. Must be a HD weapon?

04-22-2011, 00:55
oh and a little strategically placed strip of grip tape helps tremendously. cheaper too

04-22-2011, 01:24
I have a Comp Tac C-Tac holster. It fitst just fine with the charging handle on. It sticks out just a little bit but I can't really notice it. I could have done something different but wanted to try this out. Something nice and quick to grab onto. I think it looks a little silly but it functions great. This isn't something I HAD to have as I keep one in the camber while carrying. This is also my HD gun, I only have one so far so its multipurpose, HD and CCW. This will definitely be nice for the range. I can always change back if I need to.