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View Full Version : Ever heard of a new-in-box Glock 32 coming with 8.0lb (+) connector?

04-19-2011, 02:21
My shooting buddy has a Glock 32 (357 Sig). He has always complained that his trigger felt much stiffer than my G21SF and G29. I have shot it maybe 30 times, but never really noticed it. He loves the trigger on my G21SF (stock, but with polished internals), and wanted me to polish his internals.

Well, after a range session and subsequent cleaning, I started dry-firing his pistol and realized that it did, in fact, have a very stiff trigger pull. He told me the gun was purchased new, but I decided to take it apart and just check to see if maybe it had a different connector. Sure enough, it has the + (8.0lb.) connector.

Can you think of any reason for this? The box has a sticker over the usual blue Glock sticker that says 2007-2009 GSSF Purchase Program or something. I peeled it back, and the blue Glock sticker says 5.5lb. on it. So it seems that it left Glock with a factory connector.

The place he bought it sells to lots of agencies around here. What do you guys think caused this mix-up? Whatever happened, the guys at the store said they'd swap it out. They better not try to charge him!

04-19-2011, 21:01
Glock Inc offers LE agencies several trigger configurations. Yes an 8lb connector can and does get issued direct from GI.
A 5lb or 8lb connector sells at about $5 so dont get too wound up about paying the shop to exchange it

04-19-2011, 21:23
I know the connector is cheap, it's just the principal of the thing. Especially since the box says 5.5lbs on it. It would be like ordering a car with leather seats, getting cloth instead, and then the dealer charging you to fix it when it's their mistake. Thanks for the reply.

04-21-2011, 21:56
I highly doubt the dealer changed the connector. It was most likely done at the LE department. If the dealer offered to exchange connectors free of charge this shop warrants your business. Thats a pretty stand up guy if you ask me