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04-21-2011, 11:30
Hello, everyone.
I am a new member here...normally a 1911 guy but I finally broke down last weekend and made a deal on the classic incarnation of the Glock, a Gen 3 G17. Had it out to the range the next day and of course it was accurate and reliable to a fault, but I have a problem with the the little safety lever supposed to move far enough back so as to be "flush" with the rest of the trigger? Mine doesn't, and the effect is like having a dull knife blade running vertically across my finger when I press the trigger...and that gets a a little painful after a hundred rounds or so.
Is it supposed to be this way? Any suggestions as to how to fix it?

04-21-2011, 22:22
That thin little piece of plastic is the trigger safety. The painful swelling it causes on your trigger finger is called a "Glock bump".
The safety only has to depress far enough to allow the trigger shoe to move rearward. Watch the rear of the trigger and you will see how it works. Once it clears the frame it has done its job.
Depress the safety it until it clears the frame on the under side then file the rest of it off the top of the trigger shoe...... NO MORE BUMP!

04-22-2011, 09:22
Thanks for the advice...just a couple of more questions:
Is this very common? It seems not only supremely irritating, but also relatively easy to solve. Makes me wonder why they don't just put a more friendly profile on that trigger safety.
Also, what tool would you suggest for undertaking this reduction..dremel or jeweler's file, and would you necessarily remove the trigger from the pistol to do this? I know it's alot of questions but I'm not exactly Mr. Handy when it comes to this kind of stuff and don't want to trash my newest pistol.
Thanks again,

04-23-2011, 06:09
Yes its a common occurrence. Common enough to have a name! Glock Bump.
I really dont know why they do the things they do but I do know its the reason I am in business so I hope they keep on doing it. (know what I mean?)
Use any tool you find handy. Its a small piece of plastic that comes down rather quickly. Yoy can perform the modification while the trigger is in the gun. Dont worry about screwing up this job, you would have to work at it to ruin the trigger. Costs about $15 to replace it with a new one.