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04-25-2011, 18:38

04-25-2011, 18:43
Tire shop. I save the lead wheel weights from my shop for a friend of mine that casts his own bullets. Makes good fishing weights too!

04-25-2011, 18:44
I think sand would be about as good as it gets for a cheap solution. Our indoor range has a steel backstop with a trough at the bottom the catches the lead, so no sand etc to deal with. It's made out of expensive steel though, and steel doesn't win any awards for ease of maintenance in the outdoors.

If you were a JMorris type, you could build a steel trap and then build a shed over it to protect it from the weather. I would just use sand.

The smaller the target area, the less you have to do to buld the trap (sand) and the more concentrated the lead content would be.