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04-25-2011, 20:29
IL House of Representatives Expected to Vote Soon on
Right to Carry Bill HB148!

Illinois state representatives return to Springfield Tuesday, April 26 and many believe a vote on Right to Carry bill HB148 is imminent. It is urgent that you call your state representative and firmly but politely ask them to support your right to protect yourself and your family. Urge them to vote YES on HB148.

Every single vote will be critical for passage of the bill and it is common knowledge that legislators in the northeast portion of the state tend to oppose this legislation. If you live in the northeast part of the state, this call to action is especially important. If you have family or friends living in that area, please call them and urge them to contact their legislator.

Need help finding your state representative?
Go to Illinois State Board of Elections -


call 217-782-2000

04-29-2011, 09:34
The final bill is out. You can read it here -


The game is bad do you want to win?

For the lazy, yet motiviated, a compiled list of emails can be found here -

05-01-2011, 05:52
Or for the really lazy, just use this form (it even has a sample letter you can use)
__________________ support the right to carry in IL

^^^There you go folks. No excuses.^^^

Don't expect others to do this for you. The other side is voicing opposition and we need to drown them out. We need your support and we need it now. If you already called, emailed, & faxed your rep, do it again. While your at it call, send an email & fax to the other reps as well. Let's get this done.

Time to roll...