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04-26-2011, 18:52
I recently got a Glock 21 and shot it with some 200 gr lead semi wad cutter with 4 and 4.4 gr of Bullseye. Ran like a champ. I pimped it out with a 6 in Wolf barrel, 4 port comp, tungsten guide rod 15 lb spring, Hunter mount and slide ride. It's that Carver custom package. Shot it the first time tonite. It was a jam o matic.

Several times wouldn't go into battery (barely). Only ejected properly a few times out of thirty rds or so. Some didn't eject, others stove piped etc. Is the load to light for the recoil spring? Seems the mount caused some jams.

Any help appreciated.

04-28-2011, 18:06
Any time you make changes you MUST prove the gun is reliable. You will need to remove the parts and start reinstalling them one at a time. try each one & prove reliability befor installing the next part.
Start with the barrel. Drop each round into the chamber and prove your loads chamber correctly. Once you have a hundred or so chambered rounds run them to prove the load & barrel are compatible.
No install the Carver and do the same.
Let us know what happens?