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04-27-2011, 16:04

04-27-2011, 16:24
You can sort by hand, zinc ww are very hard, ring when stuck on something like the concrete slab, also will not bend or cut. Steel ww are often riveted, easy to spot. You can chuck it all in a smelting pot, keep the temps below 720deg & the non lead stuff floats to the top, skim & toss. FLux the reamining & pour into ingots.
SOme will separate stick-on from clip, the clip ww are harder.

04-27-2011, 16:28
By far the easiest and quickest method is to fill your pot, pan, kettle, what ever you're using with handfuls of WW's. Raise the temperature to 650 degrees, (lead melts at around 630 degrees). As the lead WW's melt the zinc and steel, along with all the other trash will float to the top. The zinc anst steel weights will remain in full form.

Flux the alloy thoroughly then slim off the unusable weights. Keep repeating until your pot is as full as you want it.

Remember to flux again, thoroughly before you pour your ingots.


04-27-2011, 16:56
I do it just like Jack. Please don't tell him.

04-27-2011, 17:21
I do it just like Jack. Please don't tell him.

I just got 43 PM's all telling me that you're copying one of my super duper secret loading tips! What the hell are they talking about?

CAUTION... all of my moves are carefully planned well in advance and conducted on a closed course. Do not attempt any of these techniques at home.


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