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Pinoy Photog
04-27-2011, 16:46
I bought the new E2 grip kit for my Sig 228 and now it feels like an entirely different gun!
No more screws to come loose, too! A bit aggressive texture, IMO, but it's OK as I don't
intend to tuck this rather bulky (to me) gun in my waist so no risk of skin abrasion...hehe!

[As a backstory, Sig used to offer a special promotion to upgrade existing Sig 226 or 229
to the new E2 enhanced grip for $99. Then they began offering "E2 Kits" that included a
shorter saddle, a thinner strut and a decocker with a smaller (shorter) knob, but only to
authorized Sig armorers. But in a capitalist society, that is counter-productive so the kits
started "leaking" in the internet (mainly on eBay, of course). Now you don't have to be a
licensed armorer to modify your P226, 288 or 229]. :P

I couldn't believe it only took me five minutes to install this! (not counting the time it took
to unscrew the old grips and remove the old strut and saddle, of course). :P

Here's the composite photo showing the E2, broadside and from behind (showing the backside
and the palm swells:

04-29-2011, 20:20
The grip will become less abrasive after it comes in contact with your hands more and more. I had the same concern to the point where it was literally irritating my skin and making it feel just from an average trip to the range. After several hundred rounds and fondling, it became less rough.

05-05-2011, 19:42
Very nice. I much prefer the older Sigs.