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04-27-2011, 20:07
Hello Mas,

I haven't bothered you for awhile, but you're by far my favorite gun expert, so I would like to impose and ask another question. My primary CCW has been a Glock 30SF for over a year. So far, I've fired about 3500 rounds through it, with no malfunctions at all. I really, really like the Glock, and am very comfortable carrying it and firing it. I carry the 230-grain Ranger T for defensive purposes.

For work, I recently attended a course for work at the FLETC in Artesia, NM. There, I qualified with the H&K USPc in 40 S&W with the LEM trigger. I really like the USP, and have also purchased a 2nd one in addition to my duty weapon. Our duty ammo is 180-grain HST, but I've purchased a few hundred rounds of the 165 Ranger T for personal use.

My question is, since I've qualified with the USP, and am required to carry that one for work, do you think I'd be better served transitioning my CCW to the USP instead of the Glock? I'm just starting to think it may be a good idea to become 100% dedicated to the H&K, versus using the Glock which I also really like? Any recommendations?


Mas Ayoob
04-27-2011, 20:22
Brad, you've asked me a question only you can really answer.

If it was just about the ammo, I'd personally rather have .45 than .40. But it's not just about that.

It's going to be more about your reflexive response in fast-breaking situations. If your agency provides you with the HK .40 and gives you unlimited training ammo, while you'd have to buy the .45 ammo out of your own pocket...and since you already have a clone of the issue gun that belongs to you, so you don't have to worry about being off-duty and involved in a shooting where use of department issue gun and ammo would tie in the agency and therefore make you a very attractive target for an unmeritorious lawsuit, in which you would be "jointly and severally" sued personally ... and given that your greatest exposure to needing a defensive handgun is probably more on-duty than off...there are indeed some compelling arguments for going with the HK, not to mention the OBVIOUS habituation to a single system that's easier to ingrain as second nature.

On the other hand, if you found yourself MUCH more competent in terms of speed and accuracy with the G30, nature would be telling you to carry the Glock as often as you could.

I congratulate you on your wisdom in exploring this choice. Let us know here what you decide on.


05-05-2011, 19:36
Thanks much for your advice. I've decided to keep the Glock in the rotation. There are several reasons. First off, I like the .45ACP. It's accurate, with very controllable recoil for follow-up shots, and the Ranger T packs a wallop. Secondly, I shoot it fairly well (for me). And again, it's been 100% reliable. Since my USP and the 30 are both "point and click" weapons, with no manual safeties, the manual of arms for both are very similar. I have decided to keep my 1911 out of the rotation for the same reason. I feel very comfortable with both the USP and the Glock, so I feel like it's a sound decision. Thanks for your input, Mas. Once again, I really appreciate it.