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04-27-2011, 22:14
Im looking into buying a sig x5 tactical. i know it is a relatively new gun and doesn't have much in the way of a track record. i was wondering if any one who has any experience with an x5 tactical would consider it reliable and durable enough for "tactical" applications. it will most likely end up as a designated nightstand gun.

04-29-2011, 20:24
I've heard great things about the regular X5's, so I wouldn't imagine the tactical to be much different.

An X5 as a nightstand gun? Sounds like a lot of money for a nightstand gun. :supergrin: They're mainly used for competition.

Why not a P229 or P226? You'd save yourself a lot of money and you wouldn't gain many benefits if being used as a home defense weapon.

My P229 fulfills nightstand gun as one of it's roles: Night sights, tac light, 15 round mags.

04-29-2011, 21:21
pretty, the x5 tactical is only a couple hundred dollars more than 226 elites ( i like beaver tails) it clocks in at 1300 if you shop around. it would see a ton of range time, i just wanted to know if it could be trusted to save a life as well. like i said its not like the x5 tactical has a track record. i don't see any military or leo using one, and why should they? its just not practical given other options. i just wanted to know if it could do everything the standard 226's can know, that "to hell and back" sig reliability.

05-05-2011, 19:43
It can do everything the P226 can do and then some.

05-05-2011, 23:54
Nice :cool: