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04-29-2011, 14:43
Hi Mr Ayoob. Longtime fan here. I know you are a proponent of Ranger T 127+p+ in nine, but it's hard to come by. My choices of easy availability are
1) Speer gold dot 124 grain +p
2)Cor-Bon 115grain +P (I know you used to be a fan of this, and later proload)
3)Buffalo Bore 115grain+p+
4)Buffalo Bore 124grain+p+ (I don't think the Buffalo bore bullets are bonded.
But then, neither was the original Ill. police loads.
Pistol is Glock 19gen4.
Thanks for your Presence here, and for keeping good guys safe for all this time.

Mas Ayoob
04-29-2011, 20:51
Buffalo Bore is top quality stuff, but I don't personally know of any actual shootings with it. Gold Dot 124+P and C-B 1115 +P have had the opportunity to get more street proven. The GD will give you three or so inches more penetration, the C-B may give you a bit wider wound channel some ten inches deep.


04-30-2011, 12:53
Thanks for the reply and info. Best wishes to you and yours.