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04-29-2011, 22:22
Am loading up some .223 for AR. Been reading all about bullet setback and crimping vs not crimping. Here is what I did: I loaded a 55gr. JHPB dummy round to 2.250. Loaded it into a magazine and chambered it, ejected it 5 times. Each time the bullet did not setback, it increased the COL by .001 each time.

I crimped the round, it is non cannelure bullet (bunch of people who said they crimp used non C bullets). After chambering this round once and ejecting it I measured it and the COL increased by .005.

I thought this interesting.

Gunnut 45/454
04-30-2011, 08:46
Bullet set back shouldn't be a problem unless your brass is worn out or your sizer button is to big! I've not seen it as a problem in my AR's. Thought the rule of thumb is if the bullet has the crimp grove -crimp the bullet into place! I've found a mild crimp is more then enough and heavy crimping usually makes for an inaccurate round! On bullet with out a grove the same applies usually the accuracy takes a dump!:supergrin: If your going to crimp bullets with out the grove try a tap crimp- chamfer the inside of the case and apply a lite crimp.