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Diesel McBadass
05-01-2011, 18:11
Im interested in it as ive heard good things, especially about allowing support hand to ride higher on small pistols (instead of doing the finger round trigger guard thing i have to sometimes). Thing is i only a see a few pics online, all from the left side. Any video or better instruction? BTW mr. ayoob I think its really cool youre here giving us great info. Thank you.

Mas Ayoob
05-05-2011, 20:36
The wedge grasp works irrespective of stance (Weaver, modified Weaver, Isosceles). It is intended to correct low and lateral misses. Basically, the support hand rolls into position with the upper edge of the middle finger contacting the trigger guard, as seen here...

Next, the middle finger and the two below it clamp tightly over the fingers of the firing hand...

Then, the index finger forces its own way in tightly under the front of the trigger guard, WIHOUT MOVING THE OTHER FINGERS. Notice how this cams the muzzle upward and drives the grip tang down deeper into the web of the hand...

Now, as the index finger activates the trigger, that V-shaped wedge of flesh and bone under the front of the trigger guard helps prevent the trigger finger movement from pulling the gun's muzzle left, right, or down.

Doesn't work terribly well when thick fingers are combined with short trigger guards, but works with most handguns. Give it a try; it has worked very well for a lot of people over the last 30-some years.


Diesel McBadass
05-06-2011, 12:03
Thank you, schools finishing up so ill be at the range and able to try it soon. Have you seen it help people with larger hands control smaller guns, i hate having a finger hanging off the bottom of a g26 sized gun.