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Long Tom Coffin
05-01-2011, 21:30

I have a g19 Gen 4. I like the frame and the larger mag release, so that's the primary reason I bought it. I was looking to swap out the dual spring for a LWD tungsten GR and and ISMI spring, and get the NY1 trigger kit. Question: What weight spring should I use for it? I was looking to get the reliability of the g3's so I don't want anything too light.

Also, is there anyway to fix the extraction issues with the G4s? I keep getting smacked in the face with the hot brass and it's starting to aggravate me. Is there other parts I could substitute in to fix this issue?

05-22-2011, 21:32
The Gen4 has a lot of issues with their recoil springs. The good news is, Glock Inc thinks they finally got it figured out. First of all, pick up the latest recoil spring and see if it dosent fix the FTF issues.
The Gen3 recoil springs should be used as a last resort