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05-05-2011, 17:41
MR. Ayoob,

I'm sure you have been asked this before but here it goes again. I have a 9mm G19 I keep it loaded with either Federal 124gr +P HST or Golddot 124gr +P for HD if I can't get to my 20 gauge in time. I know it's all about shot placement and that's why I practice and I'm good with the G19 and have always felt I had enough gun with either type of ammo I mentioned above. After reading other forums and listening to people putting the 9mm down I'm starting to get a false sense of security if I have enough gun or not. All you hear really is if it doesn't start with a .4 it's no good so, all I need is one experts opinion on my 9mm with the above mentioned ammo.
Thank You

Mas Ayoob
05-05-2011, 20:07
FWIW, my opinion is you're good to go.