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05-06-2011, 05:33
I have two Lonewolf barrels for my G35, a 9mm and 357sig. Both worked great and the 357 is a lots of fun. :supergrin: Then I started cast bullets (being cheap again) and purchased threaded barrel for my G36 (some day I will get a suppressor). That‘s were the problems started. The bullet I am casting is lee mold, 200 gr round nose flat point. It runs great in my 1911, 625 SW, and in the original glock barrel, but not in the wolf barrel. The barrel would not seat in the slide. I did lube all the bullets with a star luber/sizer. A fellow shooter and caster advised me to seat the bullet deeper (all rounds case gaged).

Back at the press, I seated the bullet until the action closed correctly. Made fifty cartridges, all case gagged and back to the range. Every mag full one or two rounds would jam on the feed ramp. I put the original barrel back into the G36 and NO Problems. Same fellow shooter/caster gave me his cast cartridge a 200 gr SWC. They did great in the Glock barrel, but not the wolf barrel. Same problem, jammed against the feed ramp.

Following week I tried some Berry 185 RNHB bullets and they feed from both barrels…. Is it the bullet design or is the chamber too tight???

05-06-2011, 10:54
You're describing two different issues.

Here you say: The barrel would not seat in the slide. and then later you say Same problem, jammed against the feed ramp. Those are very different problems from the way I'm reading it.

If the slide won't fully close on the LWD barrel I would look at your brass first. If it was previously fired in a Glock barrel it will probably be bulged out at the base which will inhibit full chambering on the LWD.

The second issue you point out I read as the bullet nose hanging on the feed ramp. That may be caused by a rough feed ramp and the softer lead hanging up. Whereas the harder jacketed bullets "skate" over the ridges.

I'd need pictures to narrow it down more than that.

05-06-2011, 15:54
The barrel did not seat in the slide (go completely into action) with the cast bullet. When I seated the bullet deeper to fit the barrel it jams against the feed ramp. The cast SWC also jammed against the feed ramp, also on the flat portion of the nose - I think the bullet profile will not function with the wolf barrel. I am looking for round nose mold that weights 200 gr. that's cheap. Has anyone loaded for this barrel and had success?

05-06-2011, 18:45
Oh wait. I totally misread. Disregard..

Arc Angel
05-06-2011, 20:41
What you've written is confusing. I'll guess the reason the barrel isn't, 'seating' in the slide is because the cartridge isn't going all the way into the chamber; and the slide remains partially open. Is this correct?

Lead bullets are often 1 or 2 thousandths oversized. Lone Wolf barrel chambers are all made to very tight, 'match' specifications. Personally, I think this is where your real problem lies.

Suggest you call Lone Wolf; tell them what is happening; and ask them to take your barrel back and open the chamber up by, say, 0.0005". The other thing you might request is for them to slightly throat the lower vertical sides of the chamber's mouth. (Or you can do it yourself with a small round file or very fine grit diamond knife sharpener.)