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05-07-2011, 21:36
I'm thinking of buying a Sig 290 as soon as I find one minus the laser.Anyone have one? Likes or dislikes? I already have a LC9 and a PM9. I just really like most Sigs. Sorry for mispelling anyone. Sailor Jerry and I been enjoying the evening.

05-08-2011, 16:10
Tried one at the gun store. The trigger pull is horrible and the gun is just too big for what it is. Being small by SIG standards does not cut it for me.

05-18-2011, 20:37
I'm thinking of buying a Sig 290 as soon as I find one minus the laser.Anyone have one? Likes or dislikes? I already have a LC9 and a PM9. I just really like most Sigs. Sorry for mispelling anyone. Sailor Jerry and I been enjoying the evening.

Five pages of comments here (

05-18-2011, 21:33
thought about picking one up. handling a couple cleared that right up. surprisingly heavy, about the same weight as the g19 I usually carry. the trigger was pretty heavy and worse than the pull weight........gravely is a better description than gritty. left me really unimpressed and a little disappointed in Sig for putting something like that out.

05-22-2011, 18:40
Here's a quick review from my P290 purchase last week:

Thought you guys might be interested in my experience today. I had the day off and drove an hour to a range/shop to shoot some single stack 9mm rentals.

The gun range policy on their rentals is $5 for 5 shots, not much, but better than nothing. I fired a Kahr CW9, PM9, a Ruger LC9, and a LCP for grins. I had hoped they would have a Walther PPS to rent as well, but no luck.

I took my 20 shots and proceeded into the shop to check prices and availability, still unsure which one would go home with me (if any). They had PM9s and a CW9, a PPS and a P290 in the case. Without firing them, I liked the PPS and P290 best "in hand". I had read a lot of negativity regarding the specs of the P290, plus all the warnings to avoid the first release bugs. This coupled with my P238 experience (which Sig did pleasantly resolve, and I now have a sweet shooting 380), led me say under my breath "walk away, just walk away". Ultimately I did walk away, with a significantly lighter wallet and a brand new Sig P290.

I've been questioned as to why I would buy this one when the specs (on paper) don't really compare to others in the small 9mm game. Here's my thoughts, and impressions, FWIW:
- it's heavy, that's a good thing to me. I want to shoot my carry piece. I enjoy range time, and want to shoot 100-150 shots per session.

- the sights are nice. The Kahr's post sight system was tough on me, but the Sig has 3 dot, and night sights, big plus for me.

- the handle is slim. I've heard and read complaints about the slide thickness, but if you look, the handle itself tapers and has nice rounded corners. The butt of the handle is what normally prints on me, so the p290's short frame and thin grip are a real asset for concealability. I carry AIWB and have been trying to replace a G26 that prints too much if my shirts are thin and fitted. (to be fair, the PM9 would conceal AIWB just as well, but not the PPS or CW9). The p290 gives me a concealed firearm I don't have to dress around. I've tried 3 and 4 o'clock, but I get too many hugs to be covert, AIWB is the way for me.

- the hammer - this is an asset for AIWB reholstering, which is why I was really interested in the PPS (striker) and the P290. I can ride the hammer with my thumb while reholstering and not feel like I'm going to give myself a deadly surprise.

The Cons:

- the trigger is long and heavy. The Long trigger is also an asset for AIWB, but it's not as smooth as the Kahrs.

- one magazine? Wow, that stinks. I'm very interested to see what they come up with for the 8rounders. Has anyone seen a picture yet? I'm not sure I'll be able to use them or not, likely I can use them on days I'm wearing looser fitting clothing.

- the price. Yep, crazy expensive. But after my pleasant experience with Sig customer service and the P238 fix, compared to other less than pleasant customer service situations, I know they will take care of it if something goes wrong. And it sounds like others are having some initial troubles, here's hoping I don't...

Range Report.

I broke it down and cleaned / lubed it good. I racked the slide 100 times for good measure, then off to the range.

120 flawless rounds:
50 Dynamit Nobel 124gr FMJ
50 Federal 115 FMJ
20 Winchester NATO FMJ

All at 7 yards, no crazy drills, just shooting. I was glad for no stovepipes or failures, wondering if the short grip would lead to trouble. But Sig did a great job with texture on the handle, its quite secure in my long thin hands.

With both eyes open the sights are readily visible, easy to acquire. The trigger needs some loving, not sure what to do about that. I'm thinking it'll smooth and lighten a little over time? Any thoughts would be appreciated. The good news is that this will be a difficult gun to discharge accidentally :)

Accuracy. That's hard to say, because I'm no marksman. But I shot this gun well relative to my skills. Here's a pic of my first 6 rounds fired:

Here's an 18 shot group toward the end of the session:

I did another range trip of only 50 rounds, but it fed UMC ammo flawlessly. I'm getting used to the trigger with only 170 rounds through, hopefully itlle get better and better.

All in all I'm really pleased so far. If things keep going so well, this will likely replace my g26 at least for summer carry. The next step is to find or make a holster that will conceal AND allow for a full purchase on this little handle, don't want to draw half-cocked so to speak.

05-22-2011, 18:44
Here's some pics of it with my Sig P238 and G26. Terrible pics, but it might help:

See the width of the slide isn't THAT much different than the Glock:

But the width of the grip is significantly thinner - and this is what tends to print so heavily on me with the Glock, making the P290 disappear AIWB (sacrificing capacity of course):

Hope that helps.

05-30-2011, 17:33
I have decided I will wait on a Sig 290 until the newness wears off like it does all firearms. Once I can get a decent deal I think I will get one even though I believe that they are a little thick and heavy.