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05-08-2011, 13:49
I have an "old" LW conversion barrel for a Gen 3 G23. Barrel "old" in sense it was made when there was no Gen 4.

I am thinking of trading my Gen 3 G23 for a Gen 4 G23 to try the new grip style.

So my question is - will my "old" LW conversion barrel work in Gen 4 G23? I looked at your website and saw no mention of different types of conversion barrels for various generations. However, I realize your website addresses current production barrels, which may have been modified for use in both generations.

I also know I can get adaptor to use old style recoil spring in Gen 4 G23. If this is necessary to use "old" conversion barrel, that is fine.

Anyhow, finding nothing on search function decided to go to the man himself. Thanks.

05-27-2011, 21:58
Barrels swap between all Glock models, no worries