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05-10-2011, 13:51
I've heard some stuff about Lont Wolf Barrels and found that it is not true. I have a Gen 1 19 with a two port barrel from Lone wolf and have never had a moments problem with it, feeding or otherwise. I love it. I've been reloading since 1960 and, like JR told RatherNotSay, reloaders can tailor their loads to the gun and there is no problem. I've put a lot of rounds through it and not one malfunction. If you want a shooter, get a 17 and convert it to a 17L. I bought a barrel, slide and parts to make a 17L upper from Lone Wolf and I wouldn't trade it for anything. The slide is cut out on the top and it feels lighter than the 17 slide. It shoots like a dream. I have no way of checking but the recoil feels lighter that my stock 17 slide assy. I'm 71 and have been shooting for a while and even with my shaky hands I can hold a 4'' group at 25 yards. That will hurt anyone. Don't believe everything you hear about someone's product unless you can see for yourself.

05-27-2011, 22:28
Uh.... thanks for the endorsement! I am very happy to learn we have another satisfied customer.