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02-11-2003, 12:08
As much as it pains me to say this (damage to my male ego and all;) ) I need some help and I would like it from a woman's perspective.

I am looking for a new carry gun for my wife. She currently carrys a Colt .380 Govt model. We would both like for her to have something in 9mm or larger. Size and weight are important to her. She has carried my Glock 27 in the past but felt it was a little bulky and she would prefer (if possible) something lighter. The only restrictions, besides 9mm or larger, would be no safetys to operate before firing the gun. It needs to be a simple pull and shoot model. I was thinking about one of the Kahr 9mm's for her but thought I would get some recommendations before making any decisions.

Any help would be appreciated.


Screaming .357G
02-11-2003, 12:53
My GF's CCW is a G33 with a extend slide release,meprolight night sights and she loves it.

But you may also want to look at a G26 and a Kahr 9.
The Kahr 9 is a great little gun that is pretty slim and works every time.

02-11-2003, 14:18
If she likes your Glock 27, why not a glock 26 (9mm double stack) which is slightly smaller, or perhaps a Glock 36 (.45 ACP single stack) which is slightly thinner?


02-15-2003, 10:54
In 9mm I strongly recommend the KelTec P11. It takes 9mm+P, 10+1 rounds, no manual safeties, is tiny (it's my summer "find-a-new-boyfriend" dress, carry gun) and, is quite economical.

As far as the Kahr is concerned, I own one (the K9) and, despite the rave reviews, find the trigger to be rather mushy. That, combined with the fact that it only holds 7+1 rounds, makes it a second choice to my cheap little KelTec which I have fired 1000s of rounds through it with NO failures (no B.S.). Sure, the trigger is crude & rude but, for less than $300 you get an absolutely reliable 10+1 9mm DAO that is much easier to carry and conceal than my winter carry gun, the G27.

I have talked to, and trained, several women about guns. I never hesitate to recommend the KelTec. One can learn to compensate for the rough trigger just as one can learn to compensate for the mushy Kahr trigger. Most of my acquaintances don't have a lot of money to spare but still care about their own defense. I am convinced that the KelTec allows one to be prepared despite a limited budget. I have no doubt that there are other, better guns available for what you're wife wants but, for the money, I stand by KelTec's P11.

Gary F
02-16-2003, 20:10
Originally posted by Amelia
If she likes your Glock 27, why not a glock 26 (9mm double stack) which is slightly smaller, or perhaps a Glock 36 (.45 ACP single stack) which is slightly thinner?


i uuhh think the glock 26 is exactly the same size as the glock 27, but perhaps it might weigh a tiny bit less loaded. at shop/range i go to ... a previous instructor for the women's classes ... sold the Gl 26's like hotcakes. I have one (though i prefer to carry the Gl 30) ... and it's an awesome, reliable pistol.
My buddy had a keltecP11 ... it shot fairly ok at times ... but he had to send it back at least twice for repairs, and i think it finally bit the dust thereafter. I wasn't impressed with the Kahr p9 this same friend had, but the steel version may be more reliable. A Gl 36 would certainly be a good choice. Perhaps even a Taurus if $$ are limited.

where have ya been slimkim?? I'm waiting for VA to reciprocate with either PA, FLA or NH ... so i can visit my brother who will be in VA for the next few months; make it happen Kim!! ;f

peace, gary

02-19-2003, 16:09
Gary, Good to be back. Had a family matter come up which forced me out of town for a while. I'm slowly picking up the pieces and hope to be back to my old lovable self again soon.

I'm surprised to hear about your friend's KelTec troubles. Mine is about 3 years old and has been fired more than any other gun with absolutely no problems. Not even when it fell out of a cheap holster and bounced across a parking lot ;J . Still prefer my G27 but have no problem carrying the P-11 during hot weather.

I'm doing all I can to get VA to recognise out-of-state permits. I belong to all the right pro-Constitution groups and I routinely let my politicians know that I'm watching them. Alas, VA elected a Governor who is in no hurry to expand our gun "privileges". We just have to keep emanating those positive waves.

02-25-2003, 09:51
Check out the slimline 36.

02-26-2003, 19:10
Criteria: Simple pull and shoot, no saftey to worry about:

Have her try a:
(1) CZ PCR in 9mm. Alloy frame, decocker, SA/DA, 14 rounds mags available, nice slim grip.
(2) HK USP 9mm Compact (the decocker version only, variant 3 I think). No "legal" pre-ban mags if that is a concern.
(3) SIG P225 9mm - if you want single stack and are not concerned with pre-ban mags, the SIG P225 is great. Decocker only, extremely accurate, nice slime grip.

I've owned or own all of these guns and they were all 100% reliable. Of the three I really couldn't tell you which one is lighter or slimmer....sometimes a gun looks or feels heavier/wider but when measurements are taken they really aren't. Guess it comes down to personal preference, how the gun feels in your hand and how it carries.

Never owned a KelTec or Kahr so I can't comment on them. I have been looking at a couple of Kahr models due to their size but haven't rented one to try it out yet.

03-19-2003, 18:06
All great suggestions for your wife, however, remind her that "lighter" equals "major felt recoil" in most cases. A gun that is wonderful to carry for its light weight is a bugger to shoot, so that is one thing to keep in mind.

Good luck! Let us know what she chooses.


03-20-2003, 14:10
Had you rather trust your life to something someone else chooses or what you choose? What feels good to you may not to her. Take her to a shop and test drive some makes and models...both autos and revolvers. Then SHE needs to see what she shoots the best out of it.

03-20-2003, 22:51
Make no mistake about it, this is her decision. If it were up to me, I would just have her carry a Glock 22 like me. But thankfully she isn't the same size as me and doesn't dress like me so she wouldn't be able to conceal it.

As for shooting different models she has shot several guns and her favorite of all is a Colt Python 6" barrel. She shoots it extremely well, as she does with most guns, but of course this isn't much of a concealed carry piece. By asking for recommendations from people it provides the opportunity to hear about what has worked well for some and just as important, what hasn't worked well. It also gives the opportunity to hear about something I may not have heard before or simply may not have thought of.

We greatly appreciate all of the suggestions. She has been carrying my Glock 27 for the past couple of weeks and has seemed to forgotten about how she thought it was too heavy and bulky. Seems like it was just one of those things where after she carried it for a little while she adapted to the weight and size of it and now no longer notices it. She has shot the 27 before and has no problems hitting with it, now we are going to try out a 26 and see if she likes that better.

I'll let you know how it turns out and thanks again for the help.

03-21-2003, 09:37
Hi gals ..n men...I am pistolero's girlfriend. I always read but don't post-figure I might as well jump in...I have a Taurus Millenium in 9MM and a Glock the slimmer grip..(hey double stack?? Its the first shots that count to me..this aint the wild west ya know??!!) I love the thin grip on it and the recoil issue is non-existent with Glock 36. My beau made me some special loads to "get used to it" 200 gr/230 gr/nd hardball...had a great time at the range that day and finally found a 45 ACP I can handle !! I have a KelTec in 32 that is great in the purse BUT which would I rather defend my life with??...big bore for sure !! Gonna buy another Glock now !! My best bud got a new G26 last Saturday an she loves it !!


03-25-2003, 07:05
Did everyone forget about the old wheelguns? How about an Airweight J frame? My personal fav.;)

03-26-2003, 09:02
What about a Ruger SP101 or a Taurus 605 both in .357? Or even better a 3" Ruger GP-100 .357?

Sgt Tim USA
04-04-2003, 08:57
I agree with JUICY, an airweight revoler maybe the way to go. It all depends on her hand size and recoil control and willingness to train.;c

04-05-2003, 21:28
Does she have small hands?

If she likes the Glock 26, but has to shift her grip to drop the mag, get an extended mag and slide release, as well as a Robar grip reduction.

Worked for me...had those modifications done for my 19 as well.

04-06-2003, 01:09
I love my SIG 239. It is a little heavier than a Glock but it is slim and very reliable. A good J frame revolver is also an excellent choice.

07-15-2003, 20:44

How has your wife's gun situation evolved?

Just curious what she ended up with.


07-16-2003, 02:09
My sincerest apologies to everyone who provided a suggestion. I had been meaning to post the results for some time but as with so many things something else always seemed to pop up whenever I thought about it.

My wife ended up going with the Model 27. After shooting mine a few times and carrying it for a while, she became used to it and decided that the size of it wasn't really big enough to be a problem for every day carry for her. This of course made me happy because it can use the same magazines and ammo that I already have.

Now my biggest worry is about her outshooting me and causing me no end of embarassment to all of my shooting buddies. ;)

Thanks again for all of the great suggestions.

07-16-2003, 06:05
Thanks for the update, JT74! If she out shoots you, you needn't be embarrassed. All your buddies will be jealous, for sure!


07-16-2003, 10:51
Most of my buddies are already jealous of her shooting skill. In the past everytime we have gone to the range with some of my friends from school or work she has outshot almost every last one of them. I will admit that it is kind of funny watching my friends expressions when they look at their target and then look at my wifes. Unfortunately I also have to admit that about half the time her target is better than mine. ;P

I do have to consider myself extremely lucky though. She is extremely supportive of my shooting addiction and she enjoys it as well. The fact the she is a good shot and likes to carry a gun as well are just added bonuses.

07-16-2003, 11:50
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! ;f

07-16-2003, 15:16
If your wife finds the G27 too bulky, she is likely to find the G26 just as bulky.

You might want to consider a Kel-Tec P11. Be advised, they crank these things out at the factory at a high rate. The fit and finish means this thing is no Glock.

If you are not already aware, there are a slew of sites, primarily, that talk all about the 'fluff and buff' that might be needed to get one working right.

I normally carry a G27. I recently got a P11 as a back-up gun and occasional main carry piece. It kicks hard and the trigger pull is very long. I had a couple of extraction failures and had to do some polishing on the chamber with 400 and 600 grit sand paper. My magazines also rattled, very common problem, and I found a
post on ( that fixed the problem for the most part.

Have her shoot one before you buy and see how she likes it.

Pat S
07-16-2003, 20:55
You might want to check out Gila Hayes' book and get a women firearms trainer's perspective. I've heard it is a good read also.

Pat S

07-26-2003, 11:23
I strongly recommend the Glock 30 (.45 acp), with Heinie Staight-8 night sites, as a good carry gun for ANYONE. It's lighter than the G21 (also a .45), but at the sacrifice of a shorter barrel (although it's still a decent 3.78"), and it's got more magazine capacity than the ultralight Glock 36 (.45.)

I was very impressed with my brand spankin' new G30's accuracy--right out of the box, it was more accurate than my well-broken-in G22C.

07-30-2003, 08:19
Your wife would be well served with a J frame aluminum S&W or a similiar Taurus stoked with a light bullet weight 38+P frangible load such as the MagSafe, or best for concealment and "firepower", a polymer framed Kahr will fit the bill. Paddle holsters, while I have little use for them, allows a good clothing/belt(les) options.

She needs to be able to carry it, conceal it, practice with it, and not be afraid of it.

08-08-2003, 18:54
About 6 months ago .. I lost three .. yep 3 .. to My fiancee .. We spent two afternoons at the range and I let her shoot whatever she wanted .. she is not a big .. nor especially small .. but like another who mentioned a dress gun .. she has different requirements for different times .. she is a died in the wool .. Jeep driving Arizona girl living and working outside of Tucson .. in the end .. I lost a G26 .. an underused SIG 230 that had been in the gun case for ages .. and surprisingly enough something I had not even considered for her .. a COP357 w/ the 22 barrel inserts as well .. the good thing now is .. she is happy .. and feels more secure .. and I feel the same .. as until SEP We are separated by 975 miles or so .. The Glock is on her daily .. the SIg is for dress up times and the COP is for one of those itty bitty little purses .. or evening wear occasions .. it works for her .. by the way .. and yes .. she now holds a CCW ..

08-12-2003, 22:49
A Colt 380 is an EXCELLENT carry gun for someone with weak hands. Many women LOVE this firearm in that it recoils little is easy to shoot is slender, has a safety and is easy to operate the slide.

This is the sleeper single action for females...

With improved sites it it GREAT!