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05-12-2011, 20:19
Which of these two designs do you prefer/suggest for carry?

Winchester Ranger SXT or Winchester Ranger T-Series(the newest stuff)

SXT-been around a while
T-Series-they re-engineered the bullet to expand differently(see pics)

2 pics on left are the new stuff (T-Series)
3rd pic is the back of the SXT
4th pic shows the difference between the two (in 40 S&W) and how to identify them by the hollow point cavities. (There are boxes that say T-Series and are identical to the new stuff, but still use the SXT bullet) Bullet on right is the new stuff...notice how the cavity funnels down into a smaller pit.

Anyway, I remember you saying in an older Proarms Podcast that you liked the Winchester Ranger stuff, but I can't remember if you specified which of these two bullet designs you prefered. Or maybe your opinion has even changed?

Is the new T-series too new to tell yet? Any shootings with it? Can we trust it?

Tell me everything about this stuff you know including your opinions please.

I value your opinion very much and I appreciate your time sir.


Mas Ayoob
05-13-2011, 00:21
While the SXT is certainly good, street-proven ammo, the petals designed to stay out instead of folding back in the Ranger-T series are enough to make me prefer Ranger-T.