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05-13-2011, 10:06
So i just had this pea brained idea the other day. Grains of some sort should definitely be a staple of anyone's longterm food storage...rice, pasta, ect....would oatmeal work too? Regular oatmeal? what about the instant stuff? With the instant stuff you already have some spices mixed in.

JC Refuge
05-13-2011, 13:57
Oatmeal is a fine storage food. Most oatmeal cereal is made from rolled oats which have a good long shelf life. But as with most storage foods--it is how you store them that is key. You want to be sure you keep your stored foods in well-sealed containers. Vacuum sealed is best.

(Instant oatmeal is usually packaged with sugar and/or salt--for emergency storage food--that might be a plus.)

A general rule to follow--Keep your stored foods in a cool area, away from sunshine, moisture, and humidity.