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05-14-2011, 17:04
I just bought my first G23. I have been a 1911 fan and this is my first Glock.

Anyway I thought i posted this last night but i think it did not post and my stats so no post.

When I load my magazine right before the last three or four rounds the magazine develops a rattle like a small pebble is in the bottom. IF I take a few rounds out it goes away.

What is this and is it normal?

I just added true glow TFO fiberoptic/night sights to it today. Tomorrow is its first range trip. Oh I also aded the 3.5 conector since I love my 1911 trigger pull.


05-17-2011, 13:54
The rattle you hear is a round of ammunition moving around in the magazine. This is a common occurrence with double stack mags.
Please let us know how the TruGlo sights and connector perform