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05-15-2011, 15:23
Place around here is selling NIB:

Hi-Standard 1911
Blue - Basic model
$420 (normally $480)

Stainless - Basic model
$440 (normally $500)

Yes I know they are not top of the line 1911s. I already have a Kimber and a Springfield. Just wondering if there have a rep as being OK guns, or as jam-o-matics that won't hold 18" at 25 yards :-)


05-15-2011, 15:48
AFAIK, the Hi-Standards are simply rebranded Armscor (like RIA, but with considerably less exposure). I would expect it to perform similarly. If that blued model is simply a standard GI style , then you can get the RIA cheaper and the price really isn't anything special. Is it really blued or just a black finished or a dark parkerizing?

Same for the "stainless." Just make sure it actually is stainless and not some brushed chrome of nickel finish. I wasn't aware Armscor made stainless 1911s.

05-15-2011, 16:30
Haven't seen them in person. .

Ad just says "blued" & "stainless"