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05-15-2011, 19:58
MR. Ayoob

Have a self defense question but it is not about 2 legged foes. I do a lot of motorcycling riding up in the mountains like North Ga. and NC. usually for a week at a time which means staying in a cabin so I do carry one of my firearms with me. Last year A big bear walked out in front of the bike and stopped and was looking at me so, after a few seconds of looking at each other since I couldn't go anywhere the bear walked away it seemed like hours though. Anyway, I think I can out run the wife so I wasn't to worried ( joking ) however it did bring up a thought, that if attacked while camping and had no choice but, to shoot what would be a good round for a .357 mag to protect against something big.

Thank you

Mas Ayoob
05-15-2011, 20:38
For bear, I'd be looking for a heavy, deep-driving, hard-cast or hard-jacketed round if I was using a .357 Magnum. Buffalo Bore, Cor-Bon, Double Tap, and Garrett are good places to start, Google should get you to each of them.

best of luck,